At Findlay Marketing Ltd we love technology. We’re an Auckland-based company who eat, sleep and breathe gaming and consumer tech, every day.

It’s our goal to be NZ’s premier software and peripheral distributor. We’re experts on big game releases for Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo and PC – but we’re also well versed in niche and emerging markets, such as the wide world of pop culture and PC gaming accessories.

We’ve got the pedigree to back up our goal as well. After all, we’ve been in the NZ distribution business for more than twenty years. In that time, we’ve done it all.

We know how to collaborate with our stockists on their next big marketing push, work the PR line, offer distribution and logistics support and make sure that the hottest titles hit the shelves on time.

The technology industry is ever-changing, but throughout that change, the FML mission always remains the same: To provide Kiwis with the very best the consumer tech world has to offer.