Findlay Marketing Ltd works hard to promote its brands. Whether pushing through a broad spectrum marketing plan or maximising a social media promotion, FML aims to produce cost effective campaigns that deliver results for our suppliers – all while providing the specific support required to meet our retailers needs.

We work closely with our brands to ensure their ethos is represented accurately in the New Zealand market. Key releases may require social media campaigns, in-store displays, print and cinema advertising, web takeovers, event promotions and more – all of which can be executed reliably and smoothly by the FML team. Our in house art department can make sure that international assets are localised for NZ, that plans are carried out in-store and that the correct documentation of our work is provided.

We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box. No campaign is too big or too small.

Over the years FML has been involved in everything from setting up booths to promote its consumer tech at national events, collaborating with retailers for in-store competitions, designing billboards, creating Collector’s Editions for releases with our retailers and much, much more.

Here at Findlay Marketing Ltd we are committed to growing our established brands – while at the same time enjoy the challenge of establishing new ones.